Best place to farm for money and EXP?

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8 years ago#1
Thanks in advance.
8 years ago#2
Also, what do you get if you finished all the Fame Checker's entries?
8 years ago#3
1. Check dmon2's FAQ. Ctrl+F is your best friend.
2. After finishing the Fame Checker entries you get something so cool......that it's nothing >_<
Also stop creating multiple topics with questions that can be easily answered easily by a FAQ.
8 years ago#4
I haven't beaten the Elite 4 yet, I need to train for them.
8 years ago#5
The Elite 4 isn't the only place that you can use for training. There is the VS Seeker which is your best friend. And also, stop asking these many questions!
8 years ago#6
It's my fault that I'm ignorant since this is my first Pokemon game, ever?

Okay, I know where to get money, now I need EXP, pre and post Elite 4, don't tell me to go to the FAQs because I have checked and nothing was there.
8 years ago#7
Pre-Elite Four= Top of Cycling Road/ Trainers outside Ember Spa Via VS Seeker

Post Elite Four(assuming its training for the Second Round)= Trainers outside the Chansey House
8 years ago#8
you get nothing but its best to rematch the elite 4 often and use amulet coin on them
8 years ago#9
Wait, where the heck is the Chansey house?

If I rechallenge the Elite 4 now, I'd get my head handed to me, I narrowly won the last round, would've lost too if it wasn't for the Save State...>_>
8 years ago#10
The Chansey House is on 7 Island.
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