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What's the best eevee evolution for me?

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7 years ago#1
Was just wondering is there a certain evolution thats better than the others? I'm also unsure of whether umbreon/espeon is in this game, plus I definately don't need a fire type. Which evolution is considered best and what level should I evolve at?
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7 years ago#2
Generally, people don't seem to recommend Flareon anyway, so no worries there. Wouldn't matter who you chose though, just depends on which "type" you may want or need or whichever one you think looks the coolest....your choice. I went with Vaporeon because I didn't have a good Water Pokemon at that point and I already had an Elec type in Pikachu. However, Jolteon is very speedy and has great SAtk, so he is a very good choice if you want to go Elec. I don't think either one learns their elemental skill when you get them evolved, so you may need to give Vaporeon Water Pulse or Surf, when available and Jolteon Thunderbolt via TM/HM.

Umby and Espy aren't in FR/LG, so your choice is limited to those three until you get R/S/E. You should evolved them right away, no real reason not to. Just check Eevee's skillset in the Pokedex and see if he has a skill you want to keep that only he learns. Otherwise, pick a stone and enjoy your new evolution. :)
7 years ago#3
I suggest esporion.
try using a water stone on your eve if you want esporion - ausamo2000
7 years ago#4
In-game it doesn't really matter, but Jolteon is generally considered the best.
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7 years ago#5
try to get Jolteon and Vaporeon o_o?
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7 years ago#6
vaporeon's pretty good, too. Their speed just ticks me off... I can't believe that fox-like pokemon are so dang slow!
7 years ago#7
when i pick how i evole mine i pick the one that has a type advatage over my rival.
Remeber u can allways breed it to ditto to get a new 1.
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