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8 years ago#1
who should I give these two moves to? Since they are only taught once I am struggling to decide who to give them to.

My starter was charmander but he is already pretty powerful so tempted to give them to some other pokemon. Also its better to give them to different pokemon and not give both these moves to the same pokemon right? Zelda:3780/8335/8891 PKMD:3265/6538/7924
8 years ago#2
Dont teach it to anyone
At least not yet
You can come back later, and teach it to a different poke
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8 years ago#3
Those moves suck so you can waste them now. >_> I mean, Mega Kick is somewhat useful ingame, but Mega Punch loses all its value once you get Secretpower and neither is worth saving.

Use them on the pokes you have now, to even up their moves (e. g. if you have a Geodude it'll be stuck with Tackle for a long time - so Mega Punch is good here)

If you don't have anything besides Charmeleon, don't worry - chances are that when you get more pokes, they'll have more better (free) moves available to them.
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8 years ago#4
If you're using only Charmander, then Mega Kick can help him beat Misty a lot more easily. Unfortunately, it's accuracy sucks.
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8 years ago#5
yeah thanks I decided to wait and come back for them.

By the way what poke is a good hm slave? I cant decide who to give Cut to. Since its a normal type attack I'm thinking my ratatacite for stab, but since it already has hyper fang I dont really need any other attack Zelda:3780/8335/8891 PKMD:3265/6538/7924
8 years ago#6
HM slaves are named that way because their purpose is to carry HMs, not battling.

Hence, as long as it can learn a good amount of HMs, it's a good HM Slave.

Generically, Water pokemon+Grass pokemon/Farfetch'd is a good 2-HM Slave combo.
<3 glitchy
8 years ago#7
So you decided to a make a topic asking too?
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8 years ago#8
*slaps gb*
pikachu092... drinking the kool aid !
8 years ago#9
2 seconds off!

But yeah, only ask on one place. No reason to ask twice, and plenty of reasons not to.
<3 glitchy
8 years ago#10
gbchaosmaster (#009)
No reason to ask twice

pikachu092... drinking the kool aid !
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