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7 years ago#1
I'm currently beginning a project to catch all 386 (I think thats the right number) within one game, Fire Red Omega. It claims you can get them all, but does anyone have any experience with the game? I've searched everywhere online and cant find a locations guide for it, so I dont know where to find certain things. For example, as far as I can tell you can only get one of the fossil pokemon. I grabbed Omanyte and cant find any way to get Kabuto. Is there anything else like this that would stop me from getting all 386 (or whatever)?
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7 years ago#2
An idea is to use cheat codes to make pokemon show up on the field, and run from them - that way, you'll get their location on the pokedex and you can still go there and catch them legitly. In the end, i really isn't any different than a location guide.

Doesn't work with certain pokemon like "giveaways" like Eevee, however.

Of course, trading is always an option ;)
7 years ago#3
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
7 years ago#4
Well, I never expected it to get this far.

There is no locations guide I'm afraid and I did end up missing quite a few Pokemon when I made it. Starters/fossils are one each iirc, and the Whismur family are missing altogether
7 years ago#5
Oh wow, I had no idea the creator was on these boards. I dont mind too much if basic stuff is missing because I can always trade for them from another game like Leaf Green or Emerald (for Whismur and any other 2nd/3rd Gen that may be missing) but what about legendaries and others that you can normally only get through events or cheat codes? Are they all available? Trading is fine, but I'd really rather not use cheat codes.
I reserve the right to retract anything that has been stated above, at any time, for any reason.
7 years ago#6
Sorry for the double post, but by the way man, love your work! I've played Emerald 386 before but this game by far trumps that. I'm actually having trouble defeating some Gym Leaders since I dont like over-levelling and you've actually made the game challenging. Its great. Good stuff.
I reserve the right to retract anything that has been stated above, at any time, for any reason.
7 years ago#7
Oh man, now that this topic reminds me I still have to go back and play this game more! I was getting my ass kicked by Misty something fierce... I really respect the level of difficulty in this hack. But, lately I've been addicted to FF5 Spoof, which changed only the text to make the game (Final Fantasy 5) much more entertaining and have a much better story. You can find it on; some other good ones are Breath of Fire 2 Retranslation and FF6 EvilType.

I'm gonna go play Omega right now since you reminded me. Misty's ass is mi- ...whoa that didn't come out right.
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7 years ago#8
*walks out of Cerulean Gym with a crippled team clinging to life and the Cascade Badge*
Gah, finally got the badge but had to raise Elekid to Lv21. That wild Lv19 Roselia nearby really helped, too. WTF @ Misty hax, though... "Enemy Togetic used Metronome! Enemy Togetic used Recycle and found a Sitrus Berry!" She already had like 3 Super Potions and a Lmaonade... frickin' Thunder Wave Starmie nearly wasted me when it was Psyduck and Togetic last time! Who the heck gets owned by a Psyduck? (Me, apparently.)

Oh and Scott, the Changes.txt file that came with the hack mentions how you can get the event legendaries in-game. There's a lot of other cool stuff to read up on, too.

As far as an encounters listing goes though, I'd been looking for a program that would dump that information but only found one that set it to what you wanted. If I found the program again and especially if I had the source code, it would make it a lot easier to find the addresses with that data.
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7 years ago#9
No one plays Kanto X? :(
7 years ago#10
Also WTF, I didn't fight Gary yet? Good thing I leveled already...

All I see so far on "Kanto X" is a sprite comic o.o;
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