Fire Red Omega

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7 years ago#11
Well, I can't post a link for Kanto X, cause the mods will cry if I do.

It's basically LeafGreen but you can also catch all 386 pokemon without trading and it's a lot harder then the normal game.

I can mail it to you if you want.
7 years ago#12
Firered 386, Firered Omega, Kanto X, this topic, they all sound the same >_>
7 years ago#13
But, but, this one is special because I'm playing it =D
Granted if it was my hack, I would've thrown in references to advanced stats, and text that no longer applies would be changed (i.e. Good Rod fisherman saying how the Old Rod only caught Magikarps). It was still pretty cool to see a Mystic Water in a Mart for 9000 poke-yen, though.

Just reached Celadon, ~93 caught. I got a video of the fight with Lt. Surge that I'll probably upload to YT later.

Oh, and my AIM accepts offline IMs.
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7 years ago#14
I've played Omega too actually.
7 years ago#15
Just played a little FR Omega, it seems good but the Pokemon locations are pretty weird.
Like Ponyta and Doduo on route 1. It gives some pretty good pokemon right from the start

Anyone else find this strange?
7 years ago#16
Ponyta isn't good though.

But it's not strange considering the difficulty of the gym leaders.
7 years ago#17
I'm having problems now because the game seems to have triggered the 2nd Elite 4 battle, even though I'm yet to defeat the first Elite 4. I tried them once when my team was lvl 50, not realising that their teams were 65+, and wiped out on Agatha. Now when I go back at lvl 60, their teams are 87+!!!! It's going to be impossible for me to beat them for a long time, because I dont like grinding out levels. Luckily, post Elite 4 things are already unlocked (the 2nd part of Sevii Islands, Cerulean Cave etc) so I dont know if its going to be a big deal, just annoying that I wont be able to touch them for a while because the game somehow triggered their 2nd battle before I finished the first one.
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7 years ago#18
Haha, that's awesome. I wouldn't have found that out because I almost always reset after losses to preserve my items (especially PP recovery items, which I assume are still limited-quantity). It would be epic to find a shop with overpriced Ethers/Leppa Berries!

For those of you who haven't played this yet, I've got a vid up of my fight with Lt. Surge. As of now I'm still putting in commentary, but this way I won't forget to link it here later.
Proudly serving in the United States Air Force.
7 years ago#19
hmmm, would it be wise to trade to/from Fire Red Omega to FR/LG/R/S/E? I would like to trade to E for their tutors, ...unless it's in this one too
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7 years ago#20
The game didn't trigger R2 for the E4.
Those are the new levels.

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