Pokemon Solo Run

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7 years ago#1
I am going to do a pokemon solo run on fire red and crystal. I will not evolve any pokemons and I will be using HM slaves.
The pokemon I would like to use are qwilfish, ryhorn, skarmory, and any eeveelution. If there are more suggestions please post them.
I will post this at least a week after the voting is done, if any do vote.
Please list the game and the pokemon you would like to see.
I will be doing 2 solo runs so make sure to vote for 2!
the videos will be on youtube narrated and recorded by me.
My youtube account is FlayedTree.
The pokemon being used will be caught with cheats as soon as possible to start the run.
Hope I get plenty of Votes!!! :D
7 years ago#2
i can also do a monotype run.
choos any type and game i will have least number of HM slaves 2-3 :D
7 years ago#3
Ditto run.
See quote for information about quotes.
7 years ago#4
Use Flareon. :3
7 years ago#5
i second flareon for FR

idk what you should do for Crystal
7 years ago#6
7 years ago#7
ok flareon is good choice want me to hack get him?
and the votes will close at the sat of this week
my youtube account is flayedtree if u want to c this run
im also goin to post a a poison monotype run on youtube
this is a challenge i entered in the pokemon communtiy forums
7 years ago#8
I will not evolve any pokemons

ok flareon is good choice

7 years ago#9
hes hacking to get it.. so really hes not evolving it, lol

but yea, ill most likely watch, and ill try to think of one for the Crystal run
7 years ago#10
The point of not evolving is because soloing with an unevolved is an actual challenge, whereas soloing with an evolved like Flareon is a boring breeze (moreso to the spectators)...

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