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Optional Rival battle

#1MirrormanEXEPosted 7/20/2010 12:37:01 AM
I've never actually tested this out and would like to know: At what point does the optional Rival battle near Viridian City not trigger anymore? I want to go up to Route 3 and grab a Nidoran before doing it, but I don't know if he'll still be there.

I'm going to ASSUME it stops being available after getting the Boulder Badge, but I'm uncertain. Can someone help me out?
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#2Link03456Posted 7/20/2010 8:52:29 AM
Yeah, I think your chance to fight the optional rival battle ends after you beat the first gym. However, don't worry about raising your Nidoran (male or female) too much - it's incredibly easy to raise in this stage of the game. The Nidoran family have a parabolic growth which means...

Lv. 5-15 (grow very fast)
Lv. 15-50 (progressively grows slower)
Lv. 50-100 (grows at a medium speed)

You have nothing to worry about, since the Nidoran family grows very fast in the beginning of the game.

If you are playing FireRed, here are the Nidoran appearance rates on Route 3...

Lv. 6 Male Nidoran (11%)
Lv. 7 Male Nidoran (4%)
Lv. 6 Female Nidoran (1%)

And on LeafGreen...

Lv. 6 Female Nidoran (11%)
Lv. 7 Female Nidoran (4%)
Lv. 6 Male Nidoran (1%)
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#3LieutenantSykesPosted 7/20/2010 3:03:23 PM
The Nidoran family have a parabolic growth

It's cubic, actually, but I'm just picking nits.
#4MirrormanEXE(Topic Creator)Posted 7/20/2010 4:34:15 PM
Yeah, I just speedran through to the aforementioned section and tested it myself, and it worked. Thanks a bunch regardless.

Funnily enough, Nidoran was my first encounter on Route 3, as well. Made things a whole lot easier, and the entire run is going to be pretty easy now with my Nidoking and Alakazam. I may as well just stuff Wartortle in a PC Box or just use him as a HM Slave.
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#5Silvah_WolfPosted 7/20/2010 4:38:47 PM
actually, you're both wrong. graphically speaking, it's more of a logarithm. but, you know, no big.

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#6LieutenantSykesPosted 7/20/2010 6:10:38 PM

The governing function is a cubic, which is exactly what the graph looks like (only most graphs found online are heavily distorted in scale in order for it to make any visual sense).
#7Silvah_WolfPosted 7/20/2010 6:58:45 PM
hah, you got me. I imagined the x and y axis switched...
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