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Gameshark Codes for getting mystic/aurora ticket?

#1leonodoPosted 5/15/2011 3:30:04 PM
I just found a working gba sp gameshark for 5$, and I want to get the 2 event tickets, However I don't understand the interface and I can't find the right codes.
I believe I have the 1.1 version has is says ''presents'' in the opening.
As lame as this sounds, could you tell me what to do? Thanks
#2TimeSpaceMagePosted 5/18/2011 2:03:51 AM
I haven't used a Gameshark before (just had an AR that I borrowed once), but I understand GS takes Codebreaker codes. The Codebreaker FAQ recommends using codes to warp to the islands directly, since you would normally need two codes (one to get the tickets and one to make the game realize you have them).

The following codes work only for FR USA!

Warp to Navel Carven:
82031dbc 2402

Warp to Birth Island:
82031dbc 3802

GameShark user's manual:
Hope this helps.
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