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5 years ago#1
i just got pokemon fire red omega and im wondering how much harder is it then fire red? i am noticing higher level pokemon if my team stays around the level the enemies are will i be good? should i focus more on potions i usually get around 2 or 3 in the normal game im currently in viridian forest (the one after you get prof. oak his package) also where are the starter pokemon locations i want to atleast get charmander or totodile
hail sithis
5 years ago#2
It's been a while, but it's quite harder.

Still the same principle goes: if your pokemon don't feel like they're good enough, you can level them up instead of replacing them.
5 years ago#3
played a little bit more beat brock it was tough even with the power of a level 15 mudkipz and treeco when do i get the thing that lets you fight trainers again i wanna start money grinding for potions and poke balls my current team including the ones in pc are

my team
pikachu lv 10
torchic lv 10
treeko lv 12
raltz lv 10
pidgeotto lv 9 (its a premature one i found in the forest)

in the pc
ponyta lv 5
nidoran male lv 3
houndour lv 10
butterfree lv 10
marshstomp lv 17
elekid lv 10
togepi lv 5 any suggestions for members for my team are welcome please include where they are gonna start the next cave dungeon place that i hate that leads to cerulean
hail sithis
5 years ago#4
btw i will be replacing mudkip for totodile when i get him
hail sithis
5 years ago#5
just beat the 2nd gary encounter i was underleveled and so the whole battle was save state luck and alot of super potions
hail sithis
5 years ago#6
Let's see: Your Current Team:

Pikachu lv 10
Pikachu is worth nothing. You have Elekid. Use him.

Torchic lvl 10
I guess it's okay... If you taugh him Rock Tomb, keep him, otherwise use Ponyta.

Treecko lvl 12
Good enough for a Grass Type.

Ralts lvl 10
Good for a Psychic-Type. Keep him on your team.

Pidgeotto lvl 9
Fearow please. Otherwise, keep him.

Sixth Member: Y'know, you need a sixth member. I reccomend Nidoran. (-> Nidorino -> Nidoking)

PC Members:

Ponyta lvl 5
Instructions: Level up, and replace Torchic.

Nidoran M lvl 3
Nidoking is a GREAT ground type. Use him.

Houndour lvl 10
Good replacement for Torchic as well. Houndoom is almost broken.

Butterfree lvl 10
Even tough I LIKE butterfree, it's not useful.

Marshstomp lvl 17
WTF you have a Marshtomp? Use him! Swampert is the "Best" of the Starters!

Elekid lvl 10
This -> Pikachu

Togepi lvl 5
Uhhh... Togetic isn't too useful... So...
Lugia! Ho-oh! Double Combination attack: Sacred Aeroblast!
Dragonite! Tyranitar! Double Combination attack: Hyper Earthquake!
5 years ago#7
i just beat misty and im now in vermillion i forget where fly is im pretty sure its here did he move it? where is it? also i dont have cut yet wheres the best place to start training my level 5-17 pokemon that i can reach now? ill take your suggestions switch around my team i got all the johto and hoenn starters all just evolved a lvl 16 tailow and my pc pokemon have remained unchanged also what level should i be for the gym? i remember the levels being only slightly higher then mistys
hail sithis
5 years ago#8
Again: it's levels that matter, not pokemon. If you get in a tight spot, say it. Worrying about pokemon selection leads nowhere and only originates stupid advice like LonelyRonso's. Do yourself a favor and don't listen to him. Your team was fine as it was.

This is still Fire Red. I'm pretty sure all the original items never moved. And the best way to train still is the VS Seeker.

Oh, I'm getting the impression you're training more than 6 pokemon. If that's the case, avoid it. Like I said, levels are the most important; more pokemon means less experience for each pokemon, which means less levels. The pokemon themselves won't make up for that loss.

The level for the gym is the level that allows you to beat the gym. Save before the gym, give it a try; if you lose, reset and go level up. You have nothing to lose and nothing to be ashamed about.
5 years ago#9
here is my currently planned future team charizard feraligator venusaur pidgeot pikachu im not sure about the sixth slot im thinking about arcanine
hail sithis
5 years ago#10

But you'd better evolve your Pikachu.
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