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Experience all 6 generations (Archived)FanMattai93/5/2014
are the natures in pokemon generation fire red different from today's natures? (Archived)mj_webb43/5/2014
when do you get to berry Forrest in the fire red? (Archived)mj_webb33/4/2014
How to catch legit shinies in 3 minutes (Archived)RichieL199122/27/2014
Opinions on this moveset? (Archived)SetzerGambbini42/22/2014
Rate this planned in-game team for me please. (Archived)Duncanwii92/21/2014
Bug Only Run? (Archived)SetzerGambbini82/16/2014
Boosts gotten by badges (Archived)Vara_sama52/10/2014
All my Pokemon in PC turned into Bad Eggs (Archived)DarthNightmaric32/8/2014
Just found out i can rematch trainers :/ (Archived)goldenboy186732/8/2014
Potential Elite Four party question (spoilers for Pokemon Origins) (Archived)NoRatCat41/13/2014
Gameboy Advance and trading! (Archived)Hazelhart41/11/2014
Wow, it's like the universe is trolling me (Archived)100streak11/10/2014
Please rate my team (Archived)Dijkztra41/9/2014
Roaming dog (Archived)xxPROxx41/5/2014
Just uploaded my first Let's Play, it's a Flareon solo run, randomized (Archived)AllDarkNoStars71/5/2014
Can you find Nidoran Male on Route 22? (Archived)Duncanwii21/5/2014
Guys I'm having a ton of trouble getting Articuno (Archived)yung_camacho101/4/2014
Shouldn't the eventual releases of these remakes have been pretty obvious? (Archived)
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Hidden Items - Mt Moon - Big mushrooms -.- (Archived)Rain107512/23/2013
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