Real vs Bootleg carts

#1Atomos199Posted 3/10/2010 1:35:34 AM
I'm looking to buy this game on eBay (only option) and am wondering how the real cart is supposed to look like. I've seen at least 2 by now:

*Atomos became confused!*

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#2Lord ZhouYuPosted 3/10/2010 3:04:01 PM
The first link tells me the listing ended and I can't see it. The second link's photo looks a little different. It's so slight hoever that I don't know if it's just because of the particular photo taken, the fact that it's a picture and you can't see the background properly(sinec it's supposed to be shiny), or maybe the V1 carts just look slightly different from V1.1 carts. Compared to my legitimate V1.1 cart, if I had to guess, I'd say the swirls in the background aren't quite a pronounced in the picture, and the picture's "Pokèmon" logo is a bit larger/wider than on my cart.

But I could be delusional and nitpicky. In spite of anything else, I've seen far more than enough "i got this game on ebay, but..." stories to strongly recommend that you do not, for any reason, purchase a Pokèmon video game of any kind over Ebay. I would go so far as to suggest, if possible, buying it in a local store rather than online.
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#3Sparky_McfufuPosted 3/10/2010 6:59:10 PM
Neither of those look legit. The cartridge colour is off, and the logo isn't holographic, which I've heard is how it's supposed to be. I just bought one from eBay and it's a fake (just showed up yesterday). The first link looks identical to the cartridge I have.

My manual is also only 4 pages long, with no Table of Contents, and it references pages 40+, which my manual obviously doesn't have...

You could always ask for a photo of the bottom of the cartridge, where it connects to the system. It should say Nintendo on the inside and a date. Mine doesn't.

Also, the first one is coming from China. Places like China and Hong Kong, unfortunately, are more often than not bootlegged.
#4Atomos199(Topic Creator)Posted 3/11/2010 8:29:41 AM
Wow, I didn't expect it would be so difficult to buy an authentic version of this game, it's not like it's in limited quantity or whatever. Bah... I actually bought Red/Blue some time ago and received them, but they look legit, though the Red box is strange inside... (manual and everything else are identical to that of blue with the exception of version specific stuff.

As for the pics, one of the carts has swirls and the other circles/bubbles and no swirls. It's not really possible to see if something;s holographic in a still photo, so I have no idea. I haven't opened my authentic copy of FireRed so can't compare...

eBay is the only option, seeing as I'm in Vienna right now :)

I also heard some alot about his pet chocobo, like it's refrence to how black Luvs fried chicken, which they do btw. Then again so does everybody. ~ on Sazh
#5HarrisonFrostPosted 3/16/2010 9:32:07 PM
I found a related link with a legit cartridge.

#6Fribbulus_Xax_Posted 3/16/2010 9:59:30 PM
Yeah, the best option is to buy it from a used videogame store. You're going to encounter a LOT of fakes buying on eBay, but at least they're very easy to tell.
#7KAOS1thebib62Posted 3/22/2010 5:40:20 PM
Are there any gameplay differences between a fake and real GBA pokemon game, if played on a GBA SP or micro and NOT on a DS?
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#8HarrisonFrostPosted 3/24/2010 12:32:01 PM
Bootlegs can be laggy, glitchy, unreliable in terms of saving. My friend received two bootleg copies which both copies files were corrupted and deleted.
#9Termin8rPosted 4/5/2010 1:13:42 PM
Most bootleg cartridges keep your saves on a battery instead of flash memory in order to save production costs. So yeah if you're okay with your saves suddenly getting deleted because of a cheap dead battery then go ahead and buy it.
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#10Mariofan4everPosted 4/11/2010 11:42:37 PM
Gamestop. Just go to gamestop. It'll probably cost nearly as much as a DS game, but it's an almost gaurantee that it'll be a legit copy.
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