missingno in leaf green?

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8 years ago#1
Something just crossed my mind- I know for a fact that in Red and Blue, if you talk to the guy in Veridian who teaches you how to catch a Pokemon, Fly to Fucia city, surf down to the seafoam islands, and surf along the eastern coast, misingno will appear. When you run from it, the item in the seventh slot of your bag will automatically max out. Does this work in Leaf Green? If not, does anyone know exactly how to make it appear?
8 years ago#2
If they fixed it in Yellow, why would they bring it back?
8 years ago#3
Missingno isn't a glitch- it's in emerald, too... and ruby, and saphire... I found it by accident one time. There's probably a different way to get it in Yellow.
8 years ago#4
Missingno is a glitch. So is the bad egg if you've heard of it.

Encountering it is only possible through glitches or exploits, no matter what game you're on.

As far as I know, there's no direct glitch/exploit that allows you to find Missingno in any game that isn't RBY.

And for the record, the coasts were fixed in Yellow but you can still get it through the Mew glitch.
8 years ago#5
weird- how could there be an exact copy of missingno in emerald then if it's a glitch? it's like one in a million that there would be the exact same result of the glitch...
8 years ago#6
What do you mean an exact copy? "Missingno" has became a name for all glitch pokemon (at least those with no apparent/easy names). Of course every game on every generation has different glitch pokemon. And just so you know, you can only find one that gives you items in RBY.
8 years ago#7
i deffinetly found in emerald also. so did my friends. How exactly do you find it in Ruby, then? I never figured out the exacts. It has always been called missingno, considering that its name appears in the slot where the pokemon's name usualy goes...
8 years ago#8
How did you find it in Emerald?
8 years ago#9
I really wish i could tell you- all I'm sure of is that it is found somehow in Sootulops- it was a while ago and I don't remember exactly what I was doing at the time. I deffinetly flew there, though.
8 years ago#10
I meant to say Pacifilog- I think I was surfing on the west coast at the time... and I'm positive that I flew there, because I think I was on my way to open the sealed chamber, which means that I had my Sandslash and my Swmpert with me. (dive surf and dig)
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