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Hardest MMBN4 Boss in <10 seconds (Archived)Jcorvus24/14 11:04AM
Can'ttouch this... (Archived)Chipspirate111/26 3:44PM
Good Read for all EXE/EXE 4 Fans (Archived)Chipspirate112/18/2013
This games composer (Archived)Chipspirate110/11/2013
This game had the best Navis of them all. (Archived)Chipspirate310/11/2013
Real life tournaments? (Archived)KRcrap610/11/2013
Did this game have a new translation team or something? (Archived)ThatKipp39/5/2013
Already beaten the game, but want certain Gameshark Codes (Archived)unknownname1629/5/2013
Getting the program advance symbol (Archived)jjtheman52329/5/2013
So,i just finished this game again and... (SPOILERS!) (Archived)Dixxen27/9/2013
Replaying this game and WOW (Archived)SigmaSlash16/14/2013
Shovel (Archived)xVashTS98x46/3/2013
Getting all the Standard Chips- I missed two PMDs in the same location (Archived)Daverids44/28/2013
Green Mystery Datas to keep an eye on before moving on dificulty (Archived)darkwargreymon924/26/2013
Dark Chips are broken and HubBatch is useless (Archived)Daverids24/26/2013
Considering about Darksoul (Archived)Chipspirate53/28/2013
This game had the most interesting/innovative Giga Chips (Archived)Chipspirate73/28/2013
What did Shademan mean when he said: (Archived)Chipspirate33/8/2013
What is the significance of Tetsu's leg? (Archived)Daverids32/27/2013
Did anyone actually got all HP memories? (Archived)
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