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Level up question (Archived)arumagesuto47/3 11:06AM
Two questions. (Archived)DAMIDDLEFINGER67/2 10:28AM
Playing this for the first time, how do you check bosses' HP during battle? (Archived)Distant_Rainbow95/6/2014
Items w/ a green forcefield? (Archived)Aj-8813/13/2014
So i continued my No Builds, Hypers, battle-useful FMs, and Base Weapons onlyrun (Archived)Zye84510/16/2013
Does anyone have a picture of that one armor... (Archived)MegamanXfan21xx110/10/2013
Here is my version of the Fire Glob Trick: (Archived)SigmaZeroX19/24/2013
Soul Saber power increase (Archived)Koyorimon57/29/2013
Is this still being sold anywhere? (Archived)UPhail64/23/2013
Tails Clan levels? (Archived)nemesisMKII13/11/2013
Final Chapter? (Archived)nemesisMKII43/7/2013
Just found for $10...lucky me ^_^ Length of single player??? (Archived)PauperPaul32/26/2013
If you love Rockman X RPGs (and why wouldn't you if you're here?! Get this game! (Archived)Ultimate_Nova_X21/21/2013
Who's your favorite party character? (Poll)minjonator123441/16/2013
If you have this game and component cables... (Archived)Ultimate_Nova_X41/15/2013
Rockman X in Soviet Russia: (Archived)Ultimate_Nova_X111/9/2012
KOS-MOS and Rockman X (Archived)
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Random Botos Battle Video (No Damage Clear) (Archived)SigmaZeroX110/19/2012
Mega Man X CM - Massimo Action Trigger Power Up Semi Tutorial (Archived)SigmaZeroX410/4/2012
I just realized that Project x Zone is technically the 2nd RPG for X and Zero... (Archived)Ultimate_Nova_X310/3/2012
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