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Stuck in a permanent loop (Archived)paulstreet36/11 10:42AM
I miss the starry background in the final battle that they took out (spoilers) (Archived)slk_2315/15 6:03PM
Deck Switching (Archived)jzd678133/5 12:36PM
Card Capacity (Archived)KineticxSoul18/20/2014
First time playing chain of memories, any tips? (Archived)pigfish9954/29/2014
Order to take worlds to stock up on more useful cards? When? (Archived)tolinferwood24/10/2014
Does Card attack and rank have an effect on sleight damage? (Archived)tolinferwood24/10/2014
Organization XIII Member in beginning (Possible spoilers) (Archived)musicman161623/3/2014
voice actors (Archived)huntington1911/16/2014
Grinding tips? (Archived)Bongdre410/5/2013
Linking? (Archived)Bongdre19/29/2013
Who/what is your favorite enemy? (Archived)crazyisgood39/29/2013
Any other KH game use a card system like this? (Archived)ballmonster29/14/2013
Was this game based at least in part on the MegaMan Battle Network games? (Archived)slk_2337/26/2013
80 HP R/R Challenge, Stuck on Final Boss (Archived)Flamefury27/23/2013
I remember people on this board in 2004/2005 calling Riku's Soul Eater "Kris" (Archived)slk_2337/5/2013
Have you played this game, or did you just play the remake for the PS2? (Poll)hisroyalbonkess17/3/2013
Attack Sleight Combo Rotation (Archived)nickpotz15/7/2013
R/R map cards? (Archived)Cashaddi33/19/2013
Best KH game, and Japanese version differences (Archived)Dem0nKnightX32/13/2013
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