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athena vs red or red vs red or athena vs athena freezes my game... (Archived)DJPLACE110/27/2012
I still think this was a good game. (Archived)Kano9226/14/2011
60g ps3 capability (Archived)gfkijrfui525/23/2011
Its time for a SVC Chaos 2! Or SNKP vs Capcom 2 (Archived)Locustgrovewc47/19/2010
Zero request and question (Archived)angelzeroel17/12/2010
When losing to Athena or Red Arremer.. (Archived)FoxKing15/25/2010
Maybe SNK Will Make A PSN Release For This In North America? (Archived)xxnike629xx15/8/2010
Is SNK Ever Going To Release This On The North American PS2? (Archived)xxnike629xx103/5/2010
Things i dont like about this game (Archived)KofFan3000110/16/2009
Does the Japanese version have an English option? (Archived)Shadow Moses38/10/2009
You guys (Americans) got Street Fighter 3 we got this (Archived)icecutter1757/14/2009
SNK and Capcom could had done better with the Characters and Alternate Outfits (Archived)KofFan300017/4/2009
Get Ready! This Is Finally Getting A North American PS2 Release!! (Archived)
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PS3 Backwards Compatible SVC Chaos ? (Archived)BlackendV16/28/2009
i'm playing this on my ds lite (Archived)CriticalFury21/6/2009
Where do I buy this??? (Archived)superdemento210/15/2008
snk vs capcom (Archived)slimdavy5537/13/2008
is this ever coming to the us? (Archived)freeverseartist36/9/2008
Is this arcade perfect? (Archived)PLUTO4445/14/2008
really (Archived)drayfa44/13/2008
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