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I have an odd problem (if anyone is still on this board) (Archived)TheTrinity15/3 2:31PM
Does this play on ps3 (Archived)StickFingaz51114/28/2014
This is strange-can anybody help? (Archived)hcdrummer921/11/2013
what the hell @ no PS1 controller support (Archived)LuigisBro22/9/2012
picked this up, as part of the PS2 B2G2 sale at GS (Archived)DumpsterMcNuggets31/16/2012
Mega Man 8 - Wily stage 1 - surfing (Archived)Darkhorse248111/2/2011
Invincibility Glitch (Archived)TheTwig198729/26/2011
which one?... (Archived)fire2197148/7/2011
Mega Man1 (Archived)siriousgamer47/12/2011
Mr. Perfect (No Damage) Run's of Mega Man 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. (Archived)Redmage198736/26/2011
MM8 question (Archived)toppled_dynamo22/20/2011
looking back after finishing this collection (Archived)hergman11/28/2011
MM 6, Wily stage secret area... (Archived)KurtKokaine4512/9/2010
Tengu Man: Tornado HOOOOLD (Archived)BigTee66310/30/2010
megaman 8 wily tower question (Archived)jee_Wizz_ER310/22/2010
hard to believe this collection was released over 6 years ago (Archived)baueris24210/6/2010
megaman 3- harder than i remember, help? (Archived)Original_Mage58/23/2010
Do most of you only play with the d-pad? (Archived)Muck0 Man38/16/2010
They really went all out for Mega Man 2 (Archived)
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weskers errand boy138/14/2010
What happens if you press Triangle (Rapid Fire) with a Master Weapon equipped? (Archived)dhowerter67/29/2010
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