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Mega Man Journey : Elec Man stage with Faithfully (Archived)FreakyFranc111/25/2012
question (Archived)lilie4618/1/2012
First Playthrough (Archived)LightningYoshi16/30/2012
Megaman soccer (Archived)meteorgun36/30/2012
GCN version: how do you exit a stage in MM8? (Archived)Zye8425/30/2012
MM3 super jump/invincibility glitch no longer working? (Archived)RequiemCrusader29/22/2011
Mr. Perfect (No Damage) Run's of Mega Man 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. (Archived)Redmage198716/18/2011
How the crud does mega man slide on mm7? (Archived)SilverRocks01212/3/2009
I cannot BELIEVE they CANELLED THIS FOR GBA. (Archived)MonarchPaulos110/24/2009
Why can't I play MM1 anymore? (Archived)CronoTriggerFan210/15/2009
I hate this collection! (Archived)
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How much harder is normal than easy? (Archived)Krennel110/3/2009
Limited edition mega man controller for gamecube?? (Archived)search4santah18/30/2009
Impossible Dr. Willy (Mega Man 8) (Archived)Cypres168/20/2009
Having trouble unlocking Power Fighters 1. (Archived)jelly soup38/5/2009
I use the SNES-GC/Wii retroport for this games controls, but.... (Archived)
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Can someone explain the select glitch?8 (Archived)OhYesItsTrue35/29/2009
Roll is still HOT! (Archived)soulofninjasoul105/6/2009
Is this game worth $30? (Archived)CubeTV34/14/2009
Why is the left side of the screen cut off??? (Archived)DAMIDDLEFINGER33/4/2009
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