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8 years ago#1
or does anyone still play
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8 years ago#2
I still play once in a while, by the way every time I try to keep a car in the sub garage, after so long will dissapear, is this a common glitch or do I just have a bad copy?(I dont think its a memory card problem because it happened on different cards). Thats one of the reasons I dont play the game often, It really does tick me of when I lose a good car.
8 years ago#3
Yeah, that sub-garage is major pain in the butt. I thought I lost some of my cars too but after awhile, it turned out I just needed to properly access it. Try playing around with different buttons.
8 years ago#4
Hey, does anybody know about a new TXR game coming out?
putting speed to the test- Sport Compact Car Mag.
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