3 questions, viper, tires, and...

#1LegendOTheSmithPosted 10/6/2009 10:44:43 PM
first: is it possible to get the viper over 205ish mph? at the free race no matter how i change the gear ratios i can barely hit 202. when i heading down wangan out i can only get it up to about 206. this is with all power modifications. i like the car, but it's so much slower than the rx7 and gt40 that i can get above 220mph

second: is it just my imagination or do the tires lose traction even after a pit stop? after about 15 races or so no matter how many pit stops i make, it's impossible to keep any of my cars in the road.

third: how many races has everyone won in a row, and how much does the multiplier go up to? my best is 18 in a row, the last two were hoping for the best in getting the opponents to wreck and get stuck at the southern most portion of sakai in osaka since i could really win being all over the road.
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another thing... with the same gearing in my rsx7 it hits the rev limiter at 221 during regular races, but hits the limiter at 209 on the test course... kinda odd.
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may as well add this here...
the wander late night salesman raced me with only 860 miles on my car unlike people say it has to be between 1,100 and 2,000 miles.
caffeinex3 wouldn't race me until i had a license plate that ended with 3. i tried four cars that had a 3 on the tag and wouldn't race. i challenged him about 10 times to make sure of each. with the car that had the plate ending with a 3 he accepted my second challenge.