Ther will sadly be no more Bloodrayne.

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7 years ago#1
The company Terminal Reality left the game open for a third game and planned on it for the ps3/360. However Rayne is a complete nockoff of Durahm Red, a Half vampyric woman who was created and copyrighted long before Rayne. It's the same hair, face, and even clothes, so they were sued by the comic company (2000AD) and can no longer make Bloodrayne.
7 years ago#2
Say it ain't so? Darn it I'm sick of people suing games companies and ruining any possible sequels. It isn't fair... why can't they just ask for royalties? This is why we're never going to get a Psi-Ops 2... :'( I hate cliffhanger endings to games that will never get the chance to continue. Damn them all.

On another note... maybe Terminal Reality could do a spin off and have Mynce, Ferril or Ephemera or maybe a new vamp in the same universe? As long as it has the blades, gore, and neck biting it would have to be good. I'd even settle for a Butcheress spin off. I'm easy. I actually kind of liked the 1st BloodRayne universe a bit more. The whole nazis and occult. It was cliched, but so were the uber leathered out pierced goth vamps in the 2nd one.

I had my heart set on a next gen BloodRayne game with uber realistic graphics, more blood, actual blood on Rayne for a change, (like in the suffering... i think it's a nice touch. i like the blood.), with all the best bits from the 1st and 2nd game. :'(

RIP BloodRayne. We'll miss you.
7 years ago#3
Its a shame Bloodrayne and Advent Rising may be dead.

Like the above said they can either introduce a new character like DMC 4 with Rayne playing a secondary role. And/or tweak Rayne's appearance.
7 years ago#4
They should just give her a makeover and keep the series going.
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