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7 years ago#1
while playing, i heard a few laughter-inducing quotes.
both from minions.
"alright, were looking for a HOT big breasted red headed dhampir, there cant be too many around" or something to that effect.
"that Kagen is a douche, he borrowed a shirt from me about a month ago and i seen him wearing it around town and im like, hey wheres my shirt? and he's like uhh someone stole it, and im like dude you stole it"

anybody else hear anything good?
famous last words: did you hear tha...
7 years ago#2
Well, I wouldn't say these are funny, exactly, but I like these:

"You saw the blades, what did you THINK was gonna happen?"
"Murder is the best workout."

And some conversations b/t Rayne and Severin. The one about the butterfly collection, and the non-joke:

R: "Severin, what makes a corpse twitch?"
S: "Um, I give up - what makes a corpse twitch?"
R: "It's not a joke, I'm seeing dead bodies twitching!"
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