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The WINNER of this game. (Archived)silver05445/3/2013
We should start a petiton for BR on these new LOSER portables (Archived)EmptyTome74/23/2013
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Not a bad game. (Archived)istuffedsunny43/27/2013
Was a patch ever released for this game? (Archived)itsover899943/16/2013
Cruisin' Velocity (gba) is the spiritual successor of BR:OTRR (Archived)
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The 2/3/4 reviews disgust me. I miss when it was all 1s (Archived)DarkeLocke93/5/2013
You're Winner! (Archived)Hawke022/25/2013
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Ah if only there was BR Series with theme like Ai wo Torimodose of Hokuto no Ken (Archived)KarsUltimate22/15/2013
The Spiritual Sequel to BR:OTRR? (Archived)IllegalSplicer32/14/2013
So, the main programmer of this game is still working. (Archived)
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What a fake WINNER (Archived)Zednark612/29/2012
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What's the Most WINNER Thing You Have Done? (Archived)
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