Most kills ever?

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User Info: oQuindo

8 years ago#1
see topic

Once i got 80+ kills in the map with the droids having 3 techno unit ships, and i only got the public enemy award.

Whats the most kills you got playing as a specific unit through out the whole battle?

40+ with Sniper in mining platforms.

User Info: Fablemaster12

8 years ago#2
over 300
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User Info: Halo_Fan_5

8 years ago#3
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User Info: oQuindo

8 years ago#4
How is it possible to get over 300 kills? Even if you targeted ewoks the game would probably end before you got to 300.

User Info: Fablemaster12

8 years ago#5
1.PC version
2. custom game
3. pixies!!!
4. 300 kills

User Info: jayjayjay5

8 years ago#6

i killed over 200 by just killing the raiders.

User Info: Tisroero

8 years ago#7
138 on Geonosis.
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User Info: irool

8 years ago#8
117 - Jabba's Palace w/ Super Battle Droid (wrist rockets ftw!)
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User Info: irool

8 years ago#9
just got 63 last weekend on Kashyyyk: Docks. Had to take the platforms with Dark Trooper, but after that I was a sniper nearly the rest of the game (except whenever LB3 tried t5o come up -- I switched to Stormtrooper for a sec each time).

On Cloud City I came up with almost 100 kills with a Rebel Marksman (entire game!). I even stayed as a sniper trying to take the Forward Flank, etc. Believe me, LB was NOT pleased when he took a half-dozen headshots from me in those hallways. Of course I took a good bunch (laying down its hard not to get headshotted!). but anyway....

On Kamino I kept the Republic bottled up in the Cloning Facility as an Assassin droid the entire game. 50+ kills.

And, even though it isn't a lot of kills, I had a lot of fun as a Shock Trooper on Hoth. Shooting down Snowspeeders with a Missile Launcher was fun to the extreme. If I didn't kill them directly the evading made them crash into the ATATs or go into the LOF of the walkers.
XboxLive GT - yowzagal
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User Info: bill_z_bob

8 years ago#10
BF 1 is way better than BF2. Clous City platforms is one of the best levels in either game. Hoth is better in this one also.

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