Activate Slavery Civic?

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6 years ago#1
So I found on the other topics how to use the slavery button.
I have Bronze working research. So I should have Slavery. But on my cities I can't activate the "Slavery" button it still says "Slavery needed", so my guess is that I should activate it somewhere... But how do I do that?

I should have enough population to use Slavery btw (I have +9 angry people for overcrowding in the city I want to use it).
6 years ago#2
I found how to activate it.
But I still can't use it Oo... Man why does this stuff has to be so complicated...
6 years ago#3
When you first research Bronze Working (and other techs that unlock new Civics), a popup screen will appear to allow you to switch to it immediately. If you choose not to do so, you can access the Civics menu by pressing F3.
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6 years ago#4
Yeah I did that, but when I am on the city screen. The button for slavery is still grayed out, even though I have plenty of extra people in my city :s.
6 years ago#5
Are you sure you actually changed Civics and didn't just select Slavery then exit without clicking "Begin Revolution"?

Also note that you can only sacrifice at most half of a city's population at a time, so for larger buildings you might not have the population necessary.
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6 years ago#6
Yes I did do the revolution. But didn't know about the max population thingy.
Apparently that was the reason, I just tried it on a city with less days left for the building it was making, and the button wasn't grayed out :).
Thanks for the info ! Really helped me out... I twas frustrating to not be able to use that function.
6 years ago#7
If you hold the pointer over the whip button it tells you how much population is needed to rush the current building.
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