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Tech Support Topic: Please keep all tech questions in this topic (Sticky) (Closed)
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Music (Archived)Classic6128375/3 8:17AM
4x games with 'better combat' (Archived)red25511/10 4:51PM
Can you zoom in on combat or..? (Archived)Sharebear420212/19 5:59AM
any mods out there that change aircraft units? (Archived)darkcresent9156/28/2014
Board seems dead. (Archived)red255212/2/2013
How do i get copper or iron? (Archived)sonic_man00311/7/2013
need help with game goes past loading screen but nothing works (Archived)tsill91611/5/2013
Newish player questions (Archived)
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wtf is wrong with the reports (Archived)ranma_kun37/19/2013
I know this board may be dead but I need help with installation. (Archived)Model_Omega37/15/2013
Anyone playing RoM: AND - Trying to come up with this custom map. (Archived)dkcprje16/19/2013
I'm confused (work squares) (Archived)metaIslugg56/3/2013
i dont want to start with all civs on the same continant (Archived)tigerfoxkiller71/4/2013
Is war really so slow in this game? (Archived)
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i am having trouble installing 3.19 patch the setup.exe is not responding (Archived)tigerfoxkiller412/12/2012
I just got off an awesome playing session of Civilization 4 and... (Archived)IWantANewKlug212/12/2012
so i just bought civ 4 a week ago and just dl bts i want to patch it so (Archived)tigerfoxkiller312/6/2012
Anyone wanna recommend a game to me? (Civ, map type, settings?) (Archived)dkcprje312/2/2012
i need help i just got this game a few days ago (Archived)tigerfoxkiller512/1/2012
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