my god im just so lost (help please)

#1GamingDrummerPosted 6/11/2011 4:37:12 PM
I just started playing the game and well.... im so lost and intimidated.

I did the tutorial and that much im good with but my cities are always unhappy and sick. And I tried to attack ghandi but no matter what I do I cant take down his empire, hes the weakest by the way. And idk how many people I should garrison in my cities. I guess I just need some tips...
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#2zenandiPosted 6/12/2011 12:06:25 AM
lol... Yeah, that happened to me too.

my cities are always unhappy and sick.

You don't want to outgrow your two caps, because the extra population is useless to you.

Early on, try using Slavery to 'whip' the extra trouble-makers away. Make sure you use at least TWO population though, because otherwise it doesn't help as whipping causes unhappiness in itself. Using slavery, you should get a massive production boost in the early game.

On top of Slavery, try using Specialists as well -- Libraries to open up two vacancies for Scientists, or Temples for Priests. When Code of Laws come in, you get to run as many Scientists/Merchants/Artists as you can feed. Specialists therefore give you an avenue to put your food into so that they don't just grow your cities to unmanageable size.

Once you establish trade, try to trade for what you don't have to get resources that way to help with Happiness and Health.

Additionally, Monarchy gives +1 Happiness for each military unit, but military units cost some money, and generally other civics in that category help more.

And I tried to attack ghandi but no matter

You need to do 'collateral damage' in this game, and that means Siege Weapons. Bombard defences, then suicide a few of these city-breakers, and then and only then, attack with your main force.

If you decide to attack early and don't yet have Siege Weapons, its a matter of overwhelming them with sheer numbers. I believe real-life classic strategists advocate a 5 to 1 ratio against a fortified city. It's something like that if you don't have Siege weaponry.

War needs EXTENSIVE preparation, and are costly, and have wide and long term diplomatic consequences. You should always REFRAIN from attacking on a whim.

And idk how many people I should garrison in my cities. I guess I just need some tips...

Bare minimum.

The thing is, you'll trigger your neighbours to build up their own defence forces in retaliation for any extra troops in your border cities. 2 or 3 units at the borders should do and provide basic defence. The important thing is to have cultural defence to slow them down, maintain a strong Production city to churn out units as necessary, and also a main army to respond to any invasions.

After that, your defensive priority should be to have some kind of reconnaissance network -- Spies or Espionage, or if you have Open Borders, have someone walk in and go see. If you see clear intent to attack, then you can respond accordingly.

More importantly though is diplomatic defence. Try not to step on too many toes. WATCH YOUR RELIGIOUS ALLEGIANCE, and try not to claim land that will end up forcing the other guy to come through you and only you if they want to expand. (Because then, you can bet they will.)

You MUST however maintain a respectable military. If your 'power' level falls too low, the vultures will start circling, no matter if you do everything else right.
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If you want to attack then you should have been building your armies of hate long before. Gandhi's troops in the cities have a massive defense bonus. You need to lower that bonus with siege before charging in with your warriors or what-have-you.

And when you are at peace make more weapons and men to mutilate, sever, and decapitate for when you decide it is time to conquer. Premeditate your atrocities.
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thanks so much zenandi
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Defending you own cities is more complicated than just having troops too.In old civ games you could easily park a couple defenders in a city and expect the place to be safe throughout the game.Now the AI will actually stop and think "Hmm maybe I shouldnt lose all my troops in a heedless charge at your heavily defended city especially when I can loot the countryside and cripple you economically".

Defending a city is fine but your gonna want the ability to sally forth and drive the enemy out before they burn the whole countryside down

This can also help your attacking strategy as well.Breaking cities is hard but it gets a WHOLE lot easier if your Calvary units can cut off and subdue/conquer his workers before they can retreat to the city or you can park troops on their most productive squares to deny them resources.

I remember I once won a duel game where my initial rush failed by the slimmest margin.The one half dead Impi survivor I had left just parked himself in the mountains adjacent to my opponents only city.He didnt have the forces to dislodge me since he didnt have cooper or iron for better troops than archers but he couldnt expand without a fast moving Impi coming out of the mountains and eating his workers or settlers.This simple threat meant he had to spend all his time building up military forces to counter one unit while meanwhile I kept expanding my empire and later on could afford to sneak just enough re-enforcements to ensure I kept him economically crippled.Like 2000 years later I take him to win the game using Knights Trebuchets and a single lone Impi that i allow the to finally take the city
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#6red255Posted 6/24/2011 9:06:38 AM
yeah. If you want to talk about combat, in general City Raider and City Garrison are the best upgrades. Early on with barracks + Theocracy + Vassalage you can get +7 XP at start which is almost enough for 2 ranks

In general make city raiding units to attack cities, although from macemen to tanks is a long time and something else should be used instead

Especially during the marine phase of conquest its important to simply take a city, and hold it with a bunch of marines dug in. the enemy will haul his army over to attack you in a city. Now if the city was on a hill and you are upgraded 3 times 20 infantry can kill 4 times their number in offensive force, more if you can get rid of the siege weapons doing collateral damage. (easiest way it to take 2 cities, and leave 4 infantry in the first one so they bait the siege weapons, or use flanking if you can)

This is of course if your army can't take his in a straight up fight.

after that you just take his cities and move the infantry in to hold them

Generally speaking I play on an older patch because I never bothered to update. so I'm not 100% sure this fully applies.

But I go start out, and research copper (chop forests) while making a second scout, and search the area for villages and rivals and hopefully nice stuff.

The scouts locate the ocean, and hopefully a nearby source of copper. I settle the copper. and make some axemen.

I take the coast and tech mason and Sailing tech, and chop out the great lighthouse. if you get a coastal city with alot of food resource its probably easiest to switch to slavery and organized religion to make it go faster. Now settle the coast. your economy shouldn't go to **** with the great lighthouse helping, and you'll get alot more money. out teching your rivals.

in a bit the Great LIghthouse will yield a Great Merchant. When you are ready use him for a golden age, where you make an army with the added hammer thats capable of killing your neighbor that founded the prevalent religion.

4 trebuchet, a few longbowmen (2 per city I guess) and rest Macemen (Like 8 per city)

the golden age stops anarchy so you should switch to theocracy and Vassalage to get more XP on your units making them more deadly.

If your neighbor was serious about religion his army would be small and he would have put in the great priest church building, which will allow you to finance a large empire for a long time.

Once situated with your starting lands and what you've taken from your religious neighbor, make enough army to hold on, and put in the religion wonders (spiral minneret, Sistine chapel, university of sankore, Apolstalic palace)

and Temples and monestaries in every city.

There was a period of time where if you had marble you might have speed out the oracle, but I usually don't because its normally too early to be worth getting a free tech when the AI grabs it. Might as well just make another scout and get lucky on a goody hut.

That said we tech to liberalism in a round about fashion getting useful stuff on the way, once we get code of laws we get a source of espionage points, which allows us to locate nearby civs with techs and accquire them. simply check with the trade window to see if they have techs you don't have and aren't willing to trade, or not at a decent price.

Focus the points on that nation. make a spy and camp them in the nearest city for 5 turns give that city your religion. Ideally you have enough points to see when they will finish their teching so you can steal it the next turn. this way you steal the cheaper of the liberalism techs while you tech the other one, and get out liberalism first.

After which you should be at the top of the tech ladder, and you make a horde of infantry or something and shoot everyone.
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#7NormnStansfieldPosted 7/2/2011 10:03:13 AM
the mistake i made the first time was overinvesting in one game.
played an immense map for like, a month.
reallyh though, it isn't simcity
play small maps and don't be afraid to lose and try again, because that's the only way to learn it.
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#8red255Posted 7/3/2011 12:36:42 PM
tiny games and huge games are completely different.

Tiny games you can rush and slaughter everyone before 1000 BC if you wanted.

Huge games someone's going to always be in a better position than you are, and make wonders you can't steal from him easily.
If the next one is called, because of his MO, the underwear bomber, you'll know I'm on to something. Calvin Trillin June 16, 2006.