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User Info: Mr_Zeng

7 years ago#1
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town
Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town

User Info: Unicorn_Fire

7 years ago#2
It isn't very significant, but here's what I can think of:

- Obviously, you play as a girl in MFoMT and a boy in FoMT.

- Going with above, again obviously, in MFoMT, you marry a boy. In FoMT, you marry a girl.

- MFoMT has two more marriage candidates, granted you'll probably never even consider marrying them...

- The dialogue differs slightly because of the gender difference, and the translation of MFoMT is a bit better.

- I think there's more random events in MFoMT.

- New items in MFoMT. I can't remember their names, so I won't name them off.

- You can change the color of your overalls and a couple other things in MFoMT.

- Probably one of the slight tweaks that matters the most: If you befriend Won, one of the secret bachelors, to a certain level, you can start selling things for higher prices to him. Probably one of the best ways to get a truckload of moolah.

And some other minor stuff. In a short, MFoMT is the better game. However, overall, the choice between the two is mainly asking yourself if you want to play a girl or a boy. :x
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