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5 years ago#1
So I just read Copyright's topic about Manny Quinn (it is archived, so I have to make a new topic to help out).

Well, I'm telling the truth. I went to Twin Rocks and had an easy opponent ( who killed me like once, if at all). I used the sheriff's fire bottles and lit myself on fire the WHOLE time. Now, I read that it had to be for at least 6 minutes of continuous fire on my character's skin (the sheriff). But in my case, I just kept lighting him on fire for the whole 15 minute match. Whenever I spawned I would immediately get the fire bottles out and kill myself.

Well, this is what I'm thinking: I did read that you had to kill every character with every character. That is, for example, take Red Harlow and kill everybody else. Then take Nate Harlow and kill every other character...etc. Do this with every character to all the other characters. Well, I did that, and Manny wasn't unlocked. THEN I did the fire bottle thing.

So this is all I can think of--

1. Maybe every character besides Manny needs to be unlocked first. Then do the whole "kill every character with all the other charters" thing. Then on top of that do the fire bottle thing.

2. The whole "kill the character" part is a complete waste. However, you need to have Manny be the LAST character to be unlocked.

I'm not sure, but that's all I can come up with. I'm like 99% sure I have everyone unlocked and then got Manny to be the last possible character to play with in multi player.
5 years ago#2
P.S. abby60 is another account of mine (I'm gamer78910 as well)--I think this account was made by my brother like 6 years ago lol. But just to clear up any confusion, I am the same person as gamer78910 :)

Hope my info helps :D
5 years ago#3
........Hmmmmmmmmm.............. just read something in another archived topic.

This is what Chunky lover said, and I think this is actually where I got the idea from to light the sheriff on fire continuously:

"Play as Manny Quinn
Note: This is the most difficult task in the game. You must first unlock everything, including the lucky flask from talking to jack swift in Brimstone (the third time you visit); the pocket watch from the paperboy in Brimstone (the fourth time you visit),.and the hot bath from the girls in the tub upstairs during the saloon fight. You must also achieve an "Excellent" rank in every chapter by either earning three stars or purchasing items until there are no "Excellent" locks left to open. After finishing your game and achieving the above, go to "Showdown". You must have all 47 characters unlocked and 99% of game completed before proceeding.

I found this from another site if this doesnt work then idk the fire thing dident. "

Well, I know for a fact that I played the crap out of this game. I did indeed get the lucky flask and the pocket watch and the bath tub in story mode as Chunkylover said I needed to do. However, I always remembered that there was one darn level where I couldn't get the maximum status for completion (can't remember if it was called "Excellent" or not. I think it was called "Excellent," but I didn't get that rating for this one level). I got the rather average rating (the one under "Excellent," and I can't remember the name). Anyway, the level was the one where you are in the cannon type place at sunset with a stage coach driving all over the place.

However, every other darn thing was absolutely 100 % accomplished in the game. So.......maybe overall I was still able to get that 99% completion rating without that darn blemish on my record (the average rating on the sunset stage coach level). Then when I did the fire thing Manny was unlocked.

But I'm still not sure, because in that same archived topic, someone responded by saying:

"That's a lie. I got Manny Quinn before I got many other characters. Don't know how though, he just sort of showed up. This was many years ago. "

Well, that's the problem--He just seems to "show up" for every person like me who unlocks him.

Maybe you have to beat the game on the super ultra hard mode...? I'm not sure.

Well, that's all I got. I wish I knew fully what the solution to this problem is.
5 years ago#4
So.......maybe overall I was still able to get that 99% completion rating *WITH* that darn blemish on my record.

Sorry, typo :p
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