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StickySilent Hill 4: The Room Frequently Asked Questions - PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING (Sticky)
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PSA about hauntings & what triggers them (spoilers)Synonymous18/21 7:18PM
Walter Sullivan vs. Freddy KruegerFantastic0118/2 5:51AM
How Scary Is This Game? (Archived)DontTouchMyPie24/28 8:35PM
Silver bullet: OK to use in Subway world later on? (midway + beyond spoilers) (Archived)Synonymous211/2 5:56PM
Graphics glitches on PS3? (Archived)sparkingconduit27/5/2014
HD Remake? (Archived)Dreaded_Wolf16/13/2014
Question (Spoilers) (Archived)sight09425/21/2014
Oh yeah, now I remember what it's like to be terrified. (Archived)AtlusSaGa24/10/2014
Unused chain hook (Archived)GigadeathWeapon211/10/2013
Guys do you experience that sound... (Archived)masked_yazoo59/5/2013
Do silver bullets have any effect in the final battle (Archived)RnSaga29/2/2013
Where is this piece from? (Archived)chaos_belmont17/13/2013
So what is the creepiest place in the Silent Hill games? (Archived)alysbrangwin47/13/2013
Give me a reason to play this game (Archived)Sparta1914/9/2013
Let's discuss story/gameplay of the series up to this point (Archived)j_ugnick53/11/2013
Anyone else find this less creepy than the first 3? (Archived)saking72722/5/2013
keep dying in the very beginning (Archived)saking72731/27/2013
Nurse outfit (Archived)Desaya1011/23/2013
Am I the only one who LOVES Silent Hill 4...? (maybe spoilers...?) (Archived)ApolloCreed61/20/2013
sold copies (Archived)459927411/5/2013
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