If Henry was brave enough, what would he have pulled out from his toilet?

#1volpe_de_fuegoPosted 9/13/2008 6:00:06 PM
About almost 1/2way through the game, when you're in 1st person mode in the apartment and investigate the toilet, you're told that something is inside and then asked if you'd like to grab it. Sadly, if you choose "yes", Henry admits to himself that he isn't brave enough to reach inside (unlike James from SH2) and fans are left with the lingering question...

"What was inside Henry's toilet??"

So here's a chance for everyone to ponder and imagine what would've been inside good ol'
Mr. Townshend's toilet!


I think it was the set of keys to get out of the apartment (Keys of Liberation), but Walter knew Henry was a bit of a coward and wouldn't do it so it was like a sick joke. After Henry forgets about what was inside the toilet, Walter puts it inside his corpse's coat pocket so Henry would have to suffer a bit more in order to get it :D
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Used condoms, petrified turds, kidney stones, toys............or the 1987 Denver Broncos!

No really I would say it was weapon of some sort.
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LoL I saw that already on DA, Swords XD It's awesome
#5volpe_de_fuego(Topic Creator)Posted 9/14/2008 1:03:42 PM
Sorry, I meant Swordz ^^;
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Yeah, taste that HOLY LOG! HAHAHA!
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LMFAO SwordznGunz! That is awesome! I think that it was the corpse of the developer who thought that the cheap unkillable ghosts were a good idea!
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The keys do the padlocks on his door.
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Come on, the 87 Broncos? Really?

Not the 82 Colts? Or 07 'Phins?
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