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how does the games on demand version play? (Archived)the36thchamber15/9/2012
So.. unlocking Kliff and Justice (Archived)The_Real_Sinato27/18/2011
Sure does suck that XLink doesn't support this. (Archived)gamesharkdude213/14/2011
A way for this to be on XBL arcade (Archived)blackhrt111/28/2010
how do i use the memory button? (Archived)BlakeFTW19/4/2010
Is there ANY way... (Archived)paradisegamer18/26/2010
Guilty Gear Mode (Archived)DemonSlayer9215/3/2010
Petition to Stop Microsoft from deactivating Original Xbox live and games! (Archived)bobbyh1532/12/2010
Performing HCB, F+HS combo with D-Pad (Archived)djcool511/27/2010
It took 4yrs but It finally happened!! (Archived)blackhrt11/18/2010
Just get BlazBlue? (Archived)Mister_Sleebo41/15/2010
Jam bread and butter combos (Archived)Somniance312/16/2009
help for a new player... (Archived)Deadman9917310/17/2009
Looking for really good eddie players to fight on the xbox 360 version (Archived)sonic845110/16/2009
Found this on a one-day sale for $5 (Archived)Jackie_Chandler19/26/2009
does anyone play this anymore? (Archived)Deadman991749/22/2009
For the time unlock do i have to leave it on for 50 straight or can i... (Archived)halo2master0629/15/2009
This is backwards compatible...why isnt it working? (Archived)CoffeeNinjaB869/2/2009
the downloadable version on xbox live, include online play? (Archived)
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is the sound off for anyone else?? (Archived)swanton11228/26/2009
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