Gamespot got it horribly wrong!

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8 years ago#1

I missed this game the first time around sadly but I can confidently say its a 9+ NOT a 6.7 like GS scored it. I just recently bought and beat it and wow is it loads of fun. The dialogue is the best hands down in any game ever made. Its just that great. The combat is a sort of an updated copy of Brain Lord. The summoned companions are all fun to mix and match. The Bard is probably the best protaganist i've ever seen his attitude is spot on. If anyone likes single player dungeon crawlers this has to be the best one i've ever played hands down. It's even dirt cheap and backwards compatible!!

8 years ago#2
I pretty much agree with everything you said about the game being good. I also recently played through it for the first time. The only thing I feel could have been better is if they would have allowed you to zoom out just a bit more. That would have made the combat better.
8 years ago#3

I would of liked to pan the camera personally so it's not always from a birdseye view. But nevertheless I had no problems playing and beating the game with it and thats more then I can say for many, many other games.

Dude I loved the trow songs LoL. Ooooohh it's baaaaaaaad luck to be yooooou. LoL. I also loved how all the other "chosen ones" kept biting the dust left and right and the bard was all to happen to scavenge their corpses. I would so be just like him if I was saving the world. The ending(s) were also as good as I expected them to be. Oh man and the breakdancing undead! LoL I really love this game.

8 years ago#4
Yeah the Bad Luck to Be You and the Beer songs were awesome. I laughed at so many parts. The other day I went back to the part where you summon your undead dog just to see what would happen if I re-lit the torches again. The second time it summons a single trow to fight. Thought it was pretty funny! All the snarky comments got me talking like that to my wife a bit while I was playing! The old adventurer would say, "careful laddie, it's a trap" and I'd say to my wife, he told me that same thing right before I married you. LOL!
8 years ago#5
I was snarky 90% of the game cause it's just to funny not to be. About lighting the torches it seems to give you 1 random enemy if you keep doing. I got a boar, a druid all kinds of things. Also you can get that crazy bovh (sp?) guy who tries to warn you of your future but gets interrupted..
8 years ago#6
Did you find 2 handed weapons useful at all? I use all the other weapon types but just can't find a use for the 2 handers. They barely hit harder and no benifits the shields give. Also the area attack has the normal enemy knockback but your character doesn't move at all.. Makes it extremely hard to use. I use all the other weapons at different times like the flails are probably my favorite. I love the flails area attack for groups and I love breaking guard left and right. I tend to use duelwield for bosses and single enemies that don't block much. I use the bow on slow moving enemies and at other random times when I feel like it..
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