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Any cheats for the Chariot races? (Archived)edgewalker210/24/2008
My Video Review (Archived)pspoweryeah710/4/2008
Game - excellent, but Bosses are a PITA (Archived)tomkat69pc810/4/2008
should i get this game? (Archived)Armageddon79699/25/2008
special armour questions (Archived)Hotsumaru29/18/2008
Petition to make a new Shadow Of Rome!!! Please sign here!!! (Archived)
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Zedo & Gedo (Archived)loempiavreter318/3/2008
"How did that happen??" (final boss-fight SPOILERS) (Extreme mode) (Archived)Siegfried06677/31/2008
special armor (Archived)gaarasama22199537/23/2008
newbei to be in 3 days has question. (Archived)gaarasama22199537/14/2008
Does anyone still sell this? (Archived)NewbSlayer4657/12/2008
If there were a sequel... (Archived)Daaku_Joyki37/10/2008
Official Guide (BradyGames) = incomplete? (major SPOILERS!) (Archived)Siegfried06657/2/2008
A few questions about the story... (SPOILERS of course) (Archived)childofmadness97/1/2008
Does anybody else get outrageously frustrated at some of the gladiatorial events (Archived)Diutinus76/30/2008
Number of "victories by weapon type": 38 (and counting O_O) (Archived)
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Your favorite moments of this great game (MAJOR SPOILERS included) (Archived)Siegfried06616/24/2008
lol, people still play this game eh? (Archived)
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Changes in Extreme mode (warning: mega-SPOILERS) (Archived)Siegfried06626/18/2008
Did I mess up? (Silver/Gold Coins for Octavianus) (Archived)Siegfried06666/14/2008
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