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User Info: morpheus077

7 years ago#1

Well this is really annoying, this game would keep crashing as I tried to load a level. Even turning bumpmapping to low(the nvidia 8800 fix) wouldnt stop it. Anyways, I just reinstalled windows yesterday, and installed this game. Same thing. Is it due to my video card? I have a ATI 4870 . Any help would be awesome, seeing as I really miss this game.

User Info: morpheus077

7 years ago#2

really frustrating that lucasarts didnt bother to fix this. changing the compatability mode and putting bump mapping to low dont work either. I have a 4870 vid card btw. Is their an issue with my card? I know there was one with the 8800. any helpppp?

User Info: ng1294

7 years ago#3
Post your computer's specs and we'll probably be able to help you out more. I get decreased performance just because I have Vista.

User Info: morpheus077

7 years ago#4

QuadCore Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600, 3633 MHz,DFI LANParty UT X48-T2R, only 2 GB of memory right now, anda ATI 4870. Also running XP SP2

User Info: HavocGDI

7 years ago#5
I have the same problem, but I am running Vista 64-bit. I have a slightly lower graphics card than yours (ATI Radeon 4570 HD) but it crashes every time I try to load. It is quite frustrating as I love this game.
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User Info: morpheus077

7 years ago#6

lucasarts support forums dont even have a response for this. ...

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