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9 years ago#11
Find people's AIM in your nation and IM them...

Emperor and Vampire of Board 8
We've died a million times, but we are not the walking dead.
9 years ago#12
I accept the role of general!

We shall call ourselves WomenonPeriods!

but im ok with anything else
"SmartMuffin owns me in football AND wrestling knowledge
the Steelers suck almost as hard as Cena"
9 years ago#13
How about no?


I did like the Board8Soviets thing.
Board 8's #1 Gardevoir fan. ~Kraidfan101~
8 years ago#14
we should choose a general by some type of game.........
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8 years ago#15
hay wuts goin on in dis topik?
"well you only have 2 gigs ram. and BF 2142 takes up 1.5 and CoH takes up 1 but right there your at 2.5 gigs and you have 2."
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