A game guide for Facade?

#1SaichenPosted 8/20/2009 7:24:46 PM
So after playing through the game several times and googling the hell out of it, i've yet to find a good guide for the game.

All i know about it is that there's only one "good ending" in which they both talk things out, take responsibility for their actions/inactions, and decide to give it another go. so far, i've only managed to have trip recognize his manipulative personality, but grace ultimately leaves in the end.

so, fellow Facade-ers (Facade-ees?), how about posting your experiences with certain segments of the plot to help your fellow players?

IE, once you get to the part "let's talk about us, not just one of us" parts, it seems to be an unconquerable loop! should i accept the drinks? what to do when trip offers the Bordeaux instead of martinis or margaritas? do you praise the design of the room or agree with grace?

I've also noticed that grace tends to have three possible attitudes about the design, she either thinks it's "ok" adn that she enjoyed putting it together, she doesn't like it and just wants to change it, or she HATES it. and says he FORCED her into it. what are the triggers of these?

keep on playing!