I wonder if there's any chance of a HD remaster triple pack.

#1DSPXPosted 8/29/2011 10:58:33 PM
The R&C games are my favorite of all time. It would be incredibly awesome having the first 3 games in widescreen HD on one PS3 disk. I would hope they would add the ability to strafe to the first game.

I'm loving all the HD remasters: God of War, Splinter Cell, ICO, Resident Evil 4, Silent Hill 2&3, etc. I wish they would do Second Sight and the Time Splitters games.
#2Smithy_JonesPosted 8/31/2011 3:14:34 PM
love to see that for the ratchet and clank series
besides it would be great to see UYA online for the PS3

Love to take the #1 spot for Grav kills and All things CTF with the exception of Caps like I did back in the day
Damn you Devilspawn and Leyto
I dont know who was better but they were both one of the best at capping
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