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7 years ago#1
I'm having trouble beating the last challenge in this park. I have to impress two VIPs, one wants to visit an adventure themed area of the park and the other wants to visit a Sci-Fi themed area of the park. I have no problem making good coasters and getting a park to make plenty of money but I suck at scenery. I thought I did a decent job on the adventure themed area by putting some bamboo covering over some of the sandy paths, palm trees, a rock slide next to one of the rides, even adventure themed trash cans, benches and ride entrances but it wasn't enough.

Anyone have any tips on how to impress these VIPs? This is the last thing I need to get done before unlocking the last park in the game.
7 years ago#2
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7 years ago#3
If you've got some empty space, try building your own building using Adventure walls & roofs. Each piece counts as scenery, so a building can really add up.
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7 years ago#4
Ah ok I'll definitely give that a try thank you.
7 years ago#5
That worked perfectly, I just built some buildings over the ride stations. Its to bad the last park is a complete disappointment!
7 years ago#6
in the soaked carrer or the normal carrer?
7 years ago#7

Thanks, the buildings idea helped me beat this scenerio as well. Thanks for the info.

7 years ago#8
Cut off an area from your park, and as soon as Joe Sluggerball arrives, move him there. Build a pirate ship in your cut off area. Surround the pirate ship with palm trees.

He'll love it. Make sure you make him keep going on the pirate ship ride until he leaves.

He'll be happy, and you can finally beat the map. I've attached two screenshots of an example of an adventure theme that will please Joe Sluggerball.

For Clint Bushton, just make him walk around a path with an observatory and neon lights.
7 years ago#9

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