any mods to get the white suit in hitman blood money?

#1chancegames101Posted 4/30/2008 10:12:12 PM
i type in hitman white suit mod on my google bar and it didt search and of a white suit mod i cant fine one please help me!
#2lostantixPosted 4/30/2008 11:16:42 PM
yes there is. type in hitman blood money mod. the first thing that comes up is a hitman forum site. it links to a particular mod for blood money as a whole, but that hitman forum has a section for skins too. so just search round that site for a white suit. i've seen a few there.
#3chancegames101(Topic Creator)Posted 4/30/2008 11:21:57 PM
well in the hitman blood money the agency mod its got a white suit in it with a black shift under the white suit i just download that
#4chancegames101(Topic Creator)Posted 4/30/2008 11:22:47 PM
i mean black shirt