To think I could have been playing this game 6 years ago..

#1thanthenPosted 6/10/2012 9:53:42 PM
I saw the demo playthrough of Absolution, so I figured I'd try the prequel. Just started playing blood money, can't believe I could have been playing this game 6 years ago.
Just got to the Mardi level, mind blowing fun. While gfx obviously aged, the design blows assassin's creed out of the water. Very fun missions, except for first one, tutorial too linear, glad I didn't give up right away.
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#2HappyMrSnowmanPosted 6/11/2012 8:15:14 AM
This is honestly the case with a lot of Eidos games. Whether Hitman, or Thief, or even Deus Ex, people will see a modern game and look for a prequel, and realize the earlier games were excellent. The hitman and thief games were always for a niche audience and its good to see people still picking them up and appreciating them.
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