How do I kill that man that prostitutes children?

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4 years ago#1
Curtains Down, normal difficulty - 2 targets. I posed as a carpenter, went backstage, shot the singing target. Then, Delahunt ran to the stage to cry. I had set a bomb and was ready to trigger, but a guard stormed and scared me ****less and I fell down below and hurt myself.

This is a jerk move, no one told me I have to be near the bomb to trigger. So, I went all the way back up to trigger the bomb, which should have brought something down to kill someone. Unfortunately Delahunt is still on stage alive.

How do I kill Delahunt on this save? If I go near the stage they get accusatory. I tried silenced ballers ( didn't bring sniper ) from balcony seats, and guards immediately open fire, can't last long because I'm hurt from that goofy fall.

My cover is not blown, but everyone is wiggy.
4 years ago#2
Never mind the snipe gun. I finished the mission different ways, the highest score was Ghost. This last time, I set the chandelier bomb, switched the fake gun with the real one so D'Alvade is killed, and used a long range detonator upgrade to squash D'elahunt.

0 Kills, 2 Accidents, Suit retrieved. Why does it give me a rating of Professional? Because I didn't retrieve the WW2 gun? Because I used Take hostage / Knockout hostage on two people? I do that to get practice without having to waste anesthetics.
4 years ago#3
After you finish the mission, look in the news. Sometimes it says like there's a witness who saw you or something.
4 years ago#4
I've only played this on normal, but there's a worker/whatever those guys in overalls are supposed to be who patrols the spot where you set the bomb to drop the chandelier. You may have blown him up if you didn't knock him out and drag him out of harm's way. Additionally., once you blow the chandelier, guards check where you placed the bomb, so if you left the worker where they could find him I believe that affects your score. As far as I know you have to drop the worker down the ladder.

There's also a hole at the bottom of that ladder that gives you a perfect vantage point to blow the chandelier.
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  3. How do I kill that man that prostitutes children?

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