How, exactly, do I get the Sociopath Rating?

#1NeninaPosted 12/12/2012 2:58:35 PM
Okay. A Vintage Year: 24 people killed. That's 3 tourists, 19 guards, 1 Delgado Sr., and 1 Delgado Jr... 0 Noise, 0 covers blown, 0 witnesses. Sadly, I forgot to get my suit.

It gave me a rating of "The Undertaker" like this is sports entertainment. What exactly must I do to get this elusive title? Silent kill everyone on the level?

Btw, I've discovered that the coin throw is not reliable. Sometimes they get antsy and aggressively look left and right. They can even spot you unless you are directly behind them. Better to leave a weapon on the ground and get them right after they pick it up.