Question about the cheats on this game.

#1botsrulePosted 9/28/2008 12:02:35 PM
I was looking at the cheat page for Pariah and read these:

Best Buy Multiplayer Level

Toys 'R' Us Multiplayer Level

Gamestop Multiplayer Level

Are they some kind of joke? I seriously doubt that they are real; but they would be a laugh riot, if they were.

I'm going to be coming back to this post every few days. This board is pretty much dead. I apologize in advance, for any slow responses on my part.

If you have the game, pop it in and post me back, with your findings.
#2ReturnOfBAHPosted 10/3/2008 7:17:56 AM
they are a joke.
Love, BritchesandHose
#3botsrule(Topic Creator)Posted 10/3/2008 12:05:55 PM
Thanks, ReturnOfBAH

Would of been nice, to have some generic looking stores to fight in thou. lol