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Anyone with the Co Op DLC? just picked it up for Cheap. (Archived)PSP_H0mebrew17/21/2013
For anyone having issues with Rockstar Social Club and MP3... (Archived)Dark_Ranger_X17/17/2013
After playing ths game a second time... (Archived)clowning25/30/2013
Why exaclty is the file size so large for this game? (Archived)EpicKingdom_24/17/2013
Odd occurrence (Archived)artisteman13/16/2013
Love this games as much as I do?! (Archived)oOmikeOo13/15/2013
Any way to disable those obnoxious notifications? (Archived)pixtran13/10/2013
Max Payne 3 + all DLC(Rockstar Pass) for $14 on GMG (Archived)FaPaThY33/3/2013
Controller randomly stops working (Archived)XGP15A22691/31/2013
Cover Glitch? (Archived)
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Huge fan of the series, bought it on sale on steam (Archived)
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Does the game requre constant internet connection for single player? (Archived)PowerSurgeX21/28/2013
Does every chapter have a time limit? (Archived)Zin_LG31/24/2013
would be better with no cutscenes and no one hit headshot (Archived)Spokkerjones11/21/2013
Why won't my graphics stay on DX11? (Archived)y00001250061/17/2013
MP3 is very similar to Man on fire (Archived)System4Ever41/16/2013
are there any mods or anything that let us understand the foreign language? (Archived)bullfrogish21/16/2013
Why isn't the directx 11 option showing up in the graphics menu (Archived)Average_Gnome21/15/2013
This game has some of the best graphics and narrative I've ever played. (Archived)Circumvent95421/15/2013
I don't understand...(Max Payne 2 and I guess 3 spoilers) (Archived)Zin_LG11/11/2013
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