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Does this game do anything but crash? (Archived)superdubes61/7/2013
I can't look at this game =( (Archived)8509057876557221/7/2013
Multiplayer (Archived)mintchipcookie11/6/2013
Screenshots coming out in 4:3 ratio? (Archived)Auron_5926111/5/2013
Sons Of Anarchy AU - Fear The Reaper (Archived)Sons_Of_Anarchy112/27/2012
Can a Geforce 8800 GTS with 320 MB of video RAM run this game? (Archived)garyoak99312/21/2012
Multiplayer still active? (Archived)farseer_86312/19/2012
Incompatible Data Fix? (Archived)Vaztor71112/16/2012
What's the deal with the coop? (Archived)Teh_Gamah212/11/2012
Anybody know why my DLC is not showing up in game? (Archived)Vaztor71212/8/2012
Game freeze/crash at first shoot dodge in single player. (Archived)retroGRAD3112/6/2012
When does this game start to get good? (Archived)
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rockstar's social club offline (Archived)DarknautXXX112/4/2012
Help with changing keybindings. (Archived)Synbios459212/1/2012
Lots of glitches and bugs for a game that has been out for several months (Archived)WarBeagle511/29/2012
Need help with glitch - stays on ground / very slow item pickup (Archived)Llewelyn7111/28/2012
Is it just me, or is there hardly any mention of the story in MP2? (Archived)
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Enjoying the game so far - (Archived)killkount211/26/2012
Is multiplayer... better? (Archived)AntiCitizenOne511/25/2012
Multiplayer - can you select servers? (Archived)Llewelyn7111/25/2012
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