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Does the game randomly pause its self for anyone else? (Archived)Lvaneede311/24/2012
Does the rockstar pass include dlc? (Archived)MisterIvey311/23/2012
On Green Man Gaming for $13 (Archived)Zmapper33311/23/2012
Vote for James McCaffrey (the voice of Max Payne) (Archived)megadeth1117211/17/2012
story idea for Max Payne 4? Spoiler (Archived)
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Hairy Sniper1411/5/2012
Got this for 25 bucks at Amazon (Archived)JW ACE210/18/2012
Chapter 7 Intro freeze (Archived)Kaiser1992210/11/2012
Terrible screen tearing...and V-Sync makes a mess of everything. (Archived)XGP15A226810/9/2012
I have completed game. Now the last 2 levels stay unlocked (Archived)kehardin19/23/2012
how is this compared to max payne 1 and 2? (Archived)gn004_nadleeh109/14/2012
I have completed the game but now last 2 levels locked? (Archived)kehardin29/6/2012
looking to crew up (Archived)yem6942018/29/2012
Amazon Special Today - Max Payne 3 & GTA4 for $24.99 (Archived)Anzak5518/28/2012
New York Minute Explosion Bonus (Archived)jpf2428/27/2012
newbies question: how to control which gun max drops when dual wielding? (Archived)Hairy Sniper28/20/2012
$20 at Walmart (Canada) (Archived)klov200418/20/2012
my problems with the game (Archived)brittislove58/18/2012
"Social Club UI failed to initliazed (7)" can't play the game (Archived)myzz00748/18/2012
Target slowdown doubles the difficulty of the game (Archived)Coontemptus58/17/2012
Does anyone play this online? (Archived)markothevrbaa98/14/2012
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