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To Rockstar: Great game, but... (Archived)
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if there is a second movie of max payne (Archived)
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Can I run this on max settings? (Archived)gamerdude55517/21/2012
could i run this ? (Archived)eziokratosleon37/20/2012
Can my new pc run this game with everything maxed up? (Archived)Lobomoon77/20/2012
Need help with a music track, Panama chapter (Archived)Jodo Fett67/20/2012
Does the game have activation limits? (Archived)AshWilliams7827/19/2012
Entire game feels like a quick-time event (Archived)spank_thru10197/19/2012
max payne causing my laptop to shut down in the middle of the game (Archived)myzz747/19/2012
So basically buying the steam version will force you to install the same DRM... (Archived)hijokaiden67/18/2012
Max Payne 3 Refuses To Update And Start !!!! (Archived)thekingsown37/17/2012
Where is my crosshair? (Archived)Robert_Ghost67/16/2012
Is this a glitch? I can't progress (Archived)adelaideJohn19627/16/2012
Multiplayer gang/DM outfits (Archived)Hypereia17/14/2012
Multiplayer Stats not uploading... (Archived)J_unit17/14/2012
Low FPS? (Archived)teir67/14/2012
Do I have to log in to Rock Soc Club for Singleplayer? (Archived)smartasskicker17/14/2012
Get it for PC? (Archived)DragonRaizen37/13/2012
Anyone running this on the 2011 i7 version Macbook pro? (Archived)KingCZAR47/12/2012
Just fixed up (older) gaming computer..possibly getting pc version over ps3 (Archived)Mahhhthew87/11/2012
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