Certain parts of the story mode are just infuriating.

#1HeroFromKryptonPosted 8/19/2012 11:00:22 AM(edited)
The worst is when you get the IC match with Batista and Triple H tells you to use a sledgehammer. They never said you couldn't knock out the referee first, but if you do and use the sledgehammer while he's down, it doesn't count and you have to start over. Ridiculous. I fulfilled the stipulation of using a sledgehammer on Batista but because it doesn't result in me getting disqualified (and thus fulfilling Triple H's hidden agenda to cause me to blow my title shot), it doesn't count.

Honestly, how does any of this make sense? My character acts all surprised that he was DQed when he used a sledgehammer RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE REFEREE. Triple H is lucky the guy is so unbelievably dumb to do that and screw himself out of the title.