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4 years ago#1
1: Will a vassal state ever attack me?

2: Will a defeated Daimyo, who was released, be recruitable again? IE: Will he join up with another Lord and face me in battle, with the chances of capture and recruit?
4 years ago#2
Overlord Hikash posted...
1: Will a vassal state ever attack me?

No, if you have a state that is your Vassal, they will not attack you. Vassals to other Daimyo can attack you though.

I found that if the fame of your vassal becomes greater than yours, they will declare independance. But while they are under the vassalage, they will not be able to attack you. Nor can you (or they) try to get a unit to betray their Daimyo and come to you. I tried to do that when I was a vassel to get a great LEA general from my Lord. LOL

2: Will a defeated Daimyo, who was released, be recruitable again? IE: Will he join up with another Lord and face me in battle, with the chances of capture and recruit?

Yes, If you release instead of execute the Daimyo that you just conquered, you will have a chance to recruite them like any other ronin.
4 years ago#3
I believe you have to remain larger than your vassal, otherwise they break away, and then will be able to attack you. So if you only have 2 territories and vassalize a 1 territory enemy, you run the risk of them gaining another territory or two and breaking away. This usually isn't an issue though, since vassals are on their own if they want to expand, so they won't expand very fast.
4 years ago#4
Many thanks for the responses! Very helpful. I'm playing at the Hojo, and I was just concerned about their Chiba vassal getting a touch aggressive. All is well!
4 years ago#5
Nevermind my response about the size of the vassal. I am playing as the Tokugawa now, and I have achieved the rank of conqueror while still the Imagawa's vassal.

It's kind of a funny game. I took the Oda out first, so the Okehazama event never triggered, so the Hojo, Takeda, and Imagawa still have their triple alliance going. So the Imagawa can't go anywhere since they're boxed in by a vassal and two marriage aliiances. The Hojo is swallowing up the east, and the chiba stepped down and gave their territories to them.

The Imagawa have an alliance with the Saito too, so I can't attack them. I've taken control of the capital, and control as far west as Saika Castle, as far north as Odani, and as far east as Mikawa, but I'm still the Imagawa's vassal (I'm a conqueror, they're still major).

My eastern border is secure from all of the Imagawa's alliances, and none of the strong clans of the west are close enough to do anything. But Uesugi is coming towards the capital fairly quickly and there's only one Asakura territory between them and me.

I'm basically sitting around waiting for the Triple alliance to fall apart. Then I can break away from the Imagawa and challenge the Hojo to a Kessen.
4 years ago#6
Just sitting there, waiting, eh? As the Hojo, Chiba just gave me their state, which was awful nice of them. The only problem with the Hojo is their lack of quality starting officers. Ujiyasu is excellent, but the rest are very lackluster.

That seems to be the same with a lot of the mid-level Daimyo. Hojo, Saito, Otomo, and Imagawa. All great Daimyo, statistically, (less so for Imagawa) but usually lacking any quality officers.

As for my game, I've swept the Takeda and Imagawa aside. I'm washing away a good deal of those minor eastern Daimyo. I've started to eat into Kenshin's territory. Split his nation in two. He's a tough nut to crack. That Rampage ability is nasty.
4 years ago#7
and there's only one Asakura territory between them and me.

And if Nobunaga's Ambition: Lord of Darkness has taught me anything, I wouldn't rely on the Asakura to be able to do much of anything.
4 years ago#8
I hate rampage. I'm in the process of taking the Uesugi out. I've taken about half their territories. And Hojo has gone up the east coast and eliminated the Date. I was fortunate enough to have killed Kenshin on the battlefield while taking my second Uesugi castle, so I don't have to deal with the rampage BS anymore. The Uesugi are now wedged between me, the Takeda, and the Hojo.

The Saito are being idiots and attack the Takeda every couple of turns, and lose every single time, the Takeda haven't counter-attacked though.

I pushed the Miyoshi out of Honshu, but then they ended up conquering Shikoku and keep attacking the Mori and failing.

I'm now a Unifier, but still an Imagawa vassal. I have a marriage alliance through an event with the Imagawa, and if I dissolved my relationship with them it could probably bankrupt me in bribing all my officers to restore loyalty. And right now I really have nothing to worry about in the east, due to the triple alliance + the Saito-Imagawa alliance, which keeps getting renewed.

At this rate, I'm actually kind of curious as to what happens if I "win" the game as a vassal. The Imagawa still have their original 3 territories, while I have like 30. If I unify the country, I don't know if that counts as a Imagawa victory and I "lose" or if it still counts as a joint victory or something. The only thing I have to worry about is Ieyasu dying before it's over, since it doesn't look like vassals can resign in favor of an heir. I think that's why the Chiba give you their territory, I think when the leader resigns, control goes to the lord as opposed to kin.
4 years ago#9
Just cut out two more Uesugi provinces. Saito is getting a bit aggressive, but I keep pushing him back. Inferior officers.

As for the Chiba, they approached me and asked me if I would take care of their territory for them. I don't remember the exact wording.
4 years ago#10
I know what you're talking about with the Chiba. I vassalized the Shimazu once while playing as the Oda, and they surrendered their territories to me shortly thereafter. I think it's just a random event or something, because I've had vassals that give me their territory right away, and I've had other vassals that last decades and never yield to me. I don't know what triggers it.

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